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MAY-JUN 2017

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107 CRAFT BRAND AND MARKETING • Why does it matter? • How well do we currently deliver what matters most to them? • What can we do to make their life better? • Why would they be better if we did this? There is no formula or soft- ware that will spit out what you need to do. It takes intuition and gut feel based upon your insight from this type of exercise. It is likely to take multiple sessions before the light bulbs come on showing new insight, but they will show up. At the point of frustration, keep going back to Step 5. In closing, how did Yeti make a fisherman on a small skiff life better? Instead of buying a dedicated casting platform, the Yeti cooler became a structural platform costing about the same as the old plat- form and freed up deck and floor space. Secondly, because the brothers knew a long day on the water historically meant warm drinks and maybe spoiled food or caught fish, their coolers kept ice for days making for a far more enjoyable day on the water. The value of developing a strategy is that it accounts for the changing dynamics. It should force a brewer to rethink what it is doing. Eric Balinski is the owner of Synection, LLC, which is a strategy and growth consultancy firm. For more information, visit: CIRCLE NO. 50

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