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MAY-JUN 2017

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CRAFT BRAND AND MARKETING 112 MAY/JUNE 2017 CBAM-MAG.COM By Eric Balinski Error of Creation Is it the new product or new experience? Throughout history, people have always invented new products. The U.S. is known for its ingenuity and inventiveness. The files of the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office are filled with success stories, and even many times more stories of failed attempts. No matter the outcome, the thirst for new is innate in many people. Last month, the Pabst Blue Ribbon (PBR) brewery in Milwaukee came back to life. While the brand name has been around since 1889, when a private investor took control of the company in 1996, it closed the founding operation in Milwaukee and relocated the brand to L.A. In September 2014, PBR was sold to a private equity investor group that made the decision to reestablish a Milwaukee operation by opening a small brewery, restaurant and a bar in a church that Pabst once owned. Pabst also opened an innovation center to address the future of Pabst and beer. This story hit me in a couple of ways. First, I went to Marquette University back in the heyday of PBR and the beer industry in Milwau - kee. Not only was PBR in full swing, so were Miller, Schlitz and Blatz brewing companies also going strong with headquarters based in Milwaukee. I was there when the drinking age was 18 years old, too. Back then, it was not unusual to have one or all of the local brew- ers drive a beer truck up onto our campus and let the beer flow freely. I fondly remember the brewery tours we took; especially at Pabst where at the end-of-tour we enjoyed bottomless glasses of beer in Sternewirt Pub. Those were the days – and when I acquired my thirst for beer. Second, the story bewildered me when Pabst's CEO, Eugene Kashper said, "This is really going to be an innovation laboratory for us." My first thought was, innovation in beer – weird? How many

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