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MAY-JUN 2017

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CRAFT BRAND AND MARKETING 116 MAY/JUNE 2017 CBAM-MAG.COM And I will surely try it when and if it comes out. Craft brewers with weaker balance sheets could also be the one to come up with that new brew. Or all of these folks could get blind-sided by a home brew- er. But in a maturing or mature industry, it's ridiculously hard to beat the odds of failure with new products, with greater down side then up. For my money, I would not make this error of product creation as a pathway to the future, but rather invent the next great customer experience, such as what Lowes is doing. A new customer experience is far more likely to be achieved because the constant societal change is always presenting new situations to create new expe- riences. The added benefit of focusing on customer experi- ence is it would also increase the novel insights needed to invent a great new product. For my tastes, enjoying beer is all about the experi- ence with friends, food, and fun. Our signage will get your brand noticed. From metal tackers, Artlite® and NeonFree® illuminated signage to unique dimensional fixtures and displays, May Group offers an unbeatable range of solutions, all made in the USA. Lowes Foods – Multiple craft beers on tap to enjoy while shopping. Note cup holder in front of cart. CIRCLE NO. 53

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