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MAY-JUN 2017

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119 CRAFT BRAND AND MARKETING branding By Eric Johnson Metal Tackers How to get creative with your brand Take a look around – tackers for beer advertising are every- where. Painted metal signs have been used for the purpose since the 1890s. They've been around so long that they are considered collectable by beer enthusiasts, antique memorabilia collectors, and even Americana museums. New Glarus bottle cap tacker – Three-dimensional metal form- ing techniques with print overlay. It's easy to take for granted the brand potential of metal tackers. Sure, most of us know that tackers are the entry-level building-block item of a POS sign and display portfolio. And rightly so. They are inexpensive, widely-available, durable and utilitarian. Lone Star tacker – Tackers are easily rendered with cutaway sections. They also can be sized as large as 40x60 inches. Pabst "vintage" tacker – New production, old style. Sierra Nevada tacker – High- resolution, multi-color print. Excellent example of contemporary design and printing technique. Laser-cutting equipment has diversified metal fab tech.

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