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MAY-JUN 2017

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CRAFT BRAND AND MARKETING 120 MAY/JUNE 2017 CBAM-MAG.COM Like auto license plates only bigger, right? With modern-day materials, inks, and fabrica- tion techniques there are more ways to create an eye-catching tackers than ever before. Digital printing technology has broadened manufacturing capabil- ities beyond the tried-and-true screen printing tech. Laser-cutting equipment has diversified metal fab tech. Substrate selections are more abundant than ever. Including composites of metal and plastics combined. Here are a few selections which we hope will in- spire you for adding pizzazz to your own POS sign portfolio. We challenge you to get as creative with your tackers as you do with your beer creations and their labels. Rahr & Sons tacker – Use of corrugated sheet for dimensional interest. Old-school look, new tech. El Jimador tacker – Substrate options offer a range of surface specularity. Inks are also available in a range of gloss levels. Including metallic inks. Pizza Hut sign – Multi-media design using metal and plastic, with standoff hardware. Saint. Arnold clock tacker – Highly-embossed, met- allized surface, working clock incorporated into design.

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