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MAY-JUN 2017

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The High Life How the Twin Peaks brand is making restaurants fun again A scratch kitchen. The ultimate bar experience. One- of-a-kind happy hours. Late-night fun. Oh, and the food. When you enter a Twin Peaks restaurant, you're getting everything you want – and much more. Billed as the "ultimate sports lodge," the Twin Peak brand was founded in 2005 in the Dallas suburb of Lewisville. Today, with more than 80 locations in 25 states, the brand contin- ues to amass a serious crowd of followers. With its bevy of HDTVs and "name-your-sport-and-we'll-get-it-on mentality," 29-degree draft beer, made-to-order menu and the vaunted Twin Peaks Girls, it's a value proposition you cannot afford to miss out on. By Michael J. Pallerino After being acquired by La Cima Restaurants LLC, the chain's largest franchi- see, in October 2016, the brand continues to reach down for that something extra in the expansion game. To get a feel for where the brand is heading, Commercial Construction & Reno- vation sat down with Paul Stevens, director of Design and Construction. Give us a snapshot of the Twin Peaks brand? Twin Peaks is the ultimate sports lodge, where you and your group of friends can 137 MAY : JUNE 2017 — COMMERCIAL CONSTRUCTION & RENOVATION

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