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MAY-JUN 2017

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THE HIGH LIFE COMMERCIAL KITCHENS expect made-from-scratch food, watch sports on the best HDTVs and sound system in the industry and enjoy 29 degree draft beer. You'll also be surrounded by the playful and energetic Twin Peaks Girls, which are there to make your experience special. Picture all of this with a mountain lodge en- vironment as your backdrop. We use heavy wood timbers, antlers, hand carved tables, comfortable seats, fire pits and man caves to complete the experience. What type of consumer are you targeting? The ultimate guy's guy – the sports fan who wants to catch the game, drink freezing cold beer, grab a bite from a great menu and soak up the whole Twin Peaks experience with a group of friends. How does the design of your restaurants cater to what today's consumers are looking for? Our front of house is designed with sports view- ing in mind. Seating is mindfully put together so that every guest in the restaurant has multiple views. They never miss a play. The booths are wider, the aisles are larger, and the tables are oversized and communal. This is intentional. It makes groups of people comfortable when they come in for any big game with their friends. Many of our restaurants incorporate patios and outdoor fire pits to take advantage of taking the fun outdoors when weather permits. Who doesn't love a great patio? Walk us through how and why it is designed the way it is? Because our business is bar-centric from an energy standpoint, we start with the bar and cascade the TVs out and over from that point in the space. Getting the right size and placement of the bar in the restaurant to maximize energy and views is the critical backbone to our brand. From there, we try to provide multiple seating options via size, height and type. We maximize internal height when we can and insert as many oversized wooden features as we can fit into the building. We want authentic finishes that reflect what every person would want and expect to see in a lodge – stone, rough cut wood and thick live edge table tops. Take us through your construction and design strategy. Many of our restaurants are conversions of previous restaurants. A lot of times in these circumstances, we can get the most bang for our buck with a conversion of an existing restaurant that has good bones to it. When we can be certain we can fit our kitchen and oversized bar into the building and make it not be recognizable as to what it used to be and really make it our own, we go that route. We have also developed ground up restaurants in many markets. The route we take really is dictated by opportunity and economics. As we grow across the country, developing good groups of regional GCs will be really important for our franchisees. 138 COMMERCIAL CONSTRUCTION & RENOVATION — MAY : JUNE 2017

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