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161 MAY : JUNE 2017 — COMMERCIAL CONSTRUCTION & RENOVATION T he Virginia Depart- ment of Military Affairs (DMA) has a critical role in safeguarding the Commonwealth of Virginia. Its mission is to save lives, protect people and property, ensure safety and relieve suffering. A crucial aspect of its success is main- taining operational readiness, which means keeping armories and training centers open at all times and prepared to operate as shelters and emergency operation centers during unforeseen circumstances such as natural disasters, severe weather and states of emergency. But the DMA, like many federal and government agencies, is hampered by aging infrastructure that does not allow for the state of readiness needed for a military organization. One of its key modernization priorities around mission assurance was devising a plan for energy resiliency in order to have a consistent and reliable supply of electricity at all times. In addition, the DMA also is committed to energy efficiency and minimizing the environ- mental impact of its facilities and operations. But achieving these goals has been challenging in the face of constrained federal and state budgets. In Virginia, state and federal funding has not been easily allo- cated to infrastructure upgrades, creating a significant backlog of deferred maintenance projects. Despite this challenge, becoming energy efficient and resilient has been a priority for the DMA since 2011. To date, DMA has invested more than $42 million in energy efficiency and renew- able energy, with the overall goal of becoming a net zero energy organization by 2030. To help achieve its goals, it partnered with Schneider Electric to develop a Net Zero Energy Master Plan to ensure energy security, improve energy efficiency and, ultimately, better prepare the DMA to protect the Commonwealth of Virginia. The scope

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