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Check your doors Interior ADA compliant doors cannot take more than 5 pounds of force to open, but many peo- ple don't realize this alters naturally when the weather changes. The grease viscosity chang- es the speed of the door opening and the pow- er required to open it. We recommend checking this at least quarterly. Maintain your Accessible toilet rooms Just because it's marked as "Accessible" does not mean it's actually ADA compliant. Often, someone will buy an "Accessible Re- stroom" sign and stick it to the wall or door. When these are not actually ADA compliant rooms, the experience can be very frustrat- ing to someone in need of an accessible re- stroom. Simple things to check for are: • Door maneuvering clearance blocked by trash can – As long as the door opens 90 degrees, you can keep a trash can behind the door. But remem- ber to use caution when you move it anywhere else around the door. You could be limiting the maneuvering space for someone in a wheelchair. (Refer to Section 603.2.3 and 404 of the 2010 ADA Standards for Accessible Design.) • Turn radius too small – When you enter the accessible toilet stall, is there room for a wheelchair to turn around? You can measure to make sure there is a clear space 60 inches in diameter or a T-shaped turn space within the toilet room. (Figure 304.3.2) • Dispensers installed incorrectly – Often, when you buy in bulk from a paper company, they'll provide you with new dispensers. When the new dispensers are installed, you must make sure they're still ADA compliant. Usually, they're not installed within one of the required reach heights. (Section 604.9.6, 308.2 and 308.3) No. 2 No. 1 GET IN THE KNOW COMMERCIAL TRANSFORMATIONS MAY/JUNE 2017 ISSUE 1 MCINTOSHTRANSFORMS.COM 174

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