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MAY-JUN 2017

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GET IN THE KNOW • Signage placed incorrectly – There are rules as to where to put the sign so that's it easy to identify for individuals with disabilities such as vision impair- ment. The general rule of thumb is that the sign should be placed alongside the door at the latch side. If the door swings in, you can place the sign on the push side of the door. (Figure 703.4.2). When it comes to toilet rooms, the ADA has a lot to say. Please see additional requirements for Toilet Rooms in Section 603 of the "2010 ADA Standards." Schedule barrier removals with your remodels The law requires that facilities have an acces- sibility plan, even if they aren't currently fully compliant. To make these accessibility updates in a way that makes financial sense for your business, schedule accessibility updates as part of your already planned remodels. Assess your risk Prioritizing your barrier removals will help you Just because it's marked as "Accessible" does not mean it's actually ADA compliant. No. 3 No. 4 COMMERCIAL TRANSFORMATIONS MAY/JUNE 2017 ISSUE 1 MCINTOSHTRANSFORMS.COM 176

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