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MAY-JUN 2017

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and specific. Clearing a path Addressing experiential access By Jack McMahan One in five Americans has a functional impairment that substantially limits a major life activity. Furthermore, one in seven American families is affected by a family member with a disability. Consequently, more than 21 years after the implementation of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), we're seeing Americans traveling with higher expectations regarding the level of accessibility to cultural venues, workplaces, restaurants, hotels, parks, museums, and other ma- jor tourism attractions. This expectation rises greatly when the facility and program oppor- tunities are newly constructed, de- signed and developed. Architectural Barrier Removal – The Bedrock of ADA In general, there are two types of access: physical access and program access. Physical access is what most people think of first. It encompasses access to buildings, structures and the environment. Physical access typically refers to things that are more concrete – things that are tangible, measurable. Program Access Just as Important Program access addresses access to goods, services or activities; usually the reasons why we go places, or how we enjoy experiences offered. Pro- grams occur in office buildings (atriums, eating areas, auditoriums, etc.), museums, theaters, libraries, restaurants, stadiums, recreation facilities, parks, schools, courtrooms, bankers, and many other facilities. Program access is an abstract concept. It refers to the way we par- ticipate in life, typically through our senses (touch, taste, sight, touch and sound). Programs can include exhibits, displays, views, fountains, complex Going places, doing things and having fun with family and friends. 179 MCINTOSHTRANSFORMS.COM MAY/JUNE 2017 ISSUE 1 COMMERCIAL TRANSFORMATIONS

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