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MAY-JUN 2017

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Aponik says the construction cameras helped keep things moving forward, too. The cameras allowed project teams to view the jobsite remotely on computers and mobile devices. "I could see what did or didn't happen overnight and arrive in the morning geared up for what we needed to do that day." "The cameras helped get the project done quickly because you didn't miss anything when you were offsite," says Dan Garcia, president of C.W. Matthews. "Everyone was able to see what was going on all of the time." GM Brad Nelson was offsite for two weeks due to knee surgery, but was still actively participating in the project. "I was able to follow developments and keep up with the schedule. When I got called with questions, I could answer them right away because I could see everything happening." Given the urgency of this project, C.W. Matthews had to have a contingency plan in case something did not happen as expected. Grist, who headed up the project and was on site during the day, says the cameras helped with those efforts. "If we were expecting a delivery by 8 p.m., I could verify that it happened. If it didn't, I could start making calls to find out why and figure out what to do next so that we didn't lose any time." Atlanta Reconnected On May 13, I-85 opened to traffic, recon- necting northeast Atlanta to the rest of the city and earning C.W. Matthews a $3.1 million bonus. GDOT's director of construc- tion, Marc Mastronardi, praised the effort, saying, "In roughly 25 years, I have never seen a bridge be designed and constructed this quickly. The quality in what's being done is second to none." C.W. Matthews emphasizes that the achievement is the result of extraordinary coordination and communication among everyone involved, including the state, sub- contractors and suppliers. Additionally, spe- cific equipment and materials, such as the accelerated concrete mix, an 800-ton crane, and the construction cameras, collectively saved a significant amount of time. CCR Chandler McCormack is CEO of OxBlue, a global provider of construction cameras used to monitor, manage, and promote construction projects. For more information, contact, or visit RISING UP "In roughly 25 years, I have never seen a bridge be designed and constructed this quickly. The quality in what's being done is second to none." – Marc Mastronardi, Director of Construction, GDOT 190 COMMERCIAL CONSTRUCTION & RENOVATION — MAY : JUNE 2017

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