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MAY-JUN 2017

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THE DISRUPTORS Give us a snapshot of Spence Diamonds brand? Spence Diamonds offers consumers a unique and refreshing approach to buy- ing diamond jewelry. We have created an innovative store concept, partnered with a transparent, experiential and entertaining customer experience to sell breakthrough and beautiful product offerings. What type of consumer are you targeting? We carry both Artisan Created Diamonds and traditional mined diamonds, making us the only U.S. retail store where consum- ers can learn about and choose between traditional stones and Artisan Created Diamonds. Thus, whether you're shopping for an engagement ring on a specific budget or looking for an ethical yet timeless piece, Spence has exactly what you're looking for. What are your customers looking for? For the business we are in, our customers are looking for a high-quality investment and with that the best experience possible. To go above and beyond their expectations, Spence provides the ultimate combination of personalized service with unprecedented value and a worry-free purchase by guaran- teeing each diamond it offers. How does the design of the stores cater to how today's consumers' shop? Spence is designing stores for shoppers who are looking to step away for the traditional, dated diamond store experience. We are giving them a fresh, unique and modern atmosphere with fixtures and a layout that values their time. We have introduced technology that enhances their Spence has re-written the rules on diamond shopping. Customers are free to browse at their own pace thanks to our open showcases of designer prototypes and upfront pricing. 28 COMMERCIAL CONSTRUCTION & RENOVATION — MAY : JUNE 2017

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