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MAY-JUN 2017

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One-on-one with... What's the most rewarding part of your job? Turnover day. I absolutely love seeing the final project come together and the amazement on the teams face when they see the store. What was the best advice you ever received? Don't take sh*t personally. Filter through it and take the real message out. It's hard when you are in the thick of a project, pouring your heart into it and people are commenting and giving you their feedback. Being able to step back and see it for what it is helps you keep perspective. What's the best thing a client ever said to you? You are one of my favorite PMs to work with because you get it done. Name the three strongest traits any leader should have. Honesty, patience and empathy. Combine these three traits and you have a truly inspiring leader. Someone who communicates clearly, concisely and often motivates you to do your best all the time. They challenge you by setting high but attainable expectations and give you the support, tools and training to accomplish greatness. What is the true key to success for any manager? Their team. Fostering the right team of well supported, engaged and passionate employees will help lead any manager to success. Melissa Gallant Manager, New Store Development & Operations Spence Diamonds What's your favorite vacation spot and why? Tofino. My boyfriend, Scott and I go camping there every year with the dog (Vegas). We stay at a beautiful spot on the beach and spend the days exploring, relaxing and playing with the dog. It is pure bliss for all three of us. What book are you reading now? I don't read a lot of books after work because they make me fall asleep. But my latest Netflix series is Riverdale. The characters are based on Archie Comics and it's filmed here in Vancouver. It's very dramatic (haha) and is fun to watch. How do you like to spend your down time? When I'm home. With my boys. Scott and I are parents to a dog (Vegas) and a cat (Earl). They are the loves of our lives and the best to come home to after a long stressful day. We live in a beautiful city, so getting out and enjoying it as much as we can. Trying a new restaurant (there are so many), biking, sipping a cocktail on a patio, checking out a festival or when it's rainy (which it is a lot), cozying up and watching a movie. If I happen to get some spare time on the road, I like to get in a ball game. I love baseball and find it fun to check out the different stadiums. It's so much nicer than sitting in your hotel room. And if I'm lucky, I can sucker my GC into coming with me. Go Red Sox! THE DISRUPTORS Tell us what makes the Spence Diamond brand so unique? Spence has re-written the rules on diamond shopping. Customers are free to browse at their own pace, thanks to our open showcases of designer prototypes and upfront pricing. Our GIA-certified consultants educate and help find the per- fect diamond that meets your needs. We even have a lounge at every store, where shoppers can relax or toast to their purchase. At Spence, we want every customer to have an engaging and enjoyable experience. Another distinctive feature about Spence Diamonds is our Artisan Created Diamonds – identical to mined diamonds in every way, but created in a plasma chamber instead of being dug out of the earth. These diamonds are physically, optically and chemically identical to the finest mined diamonds, but they are substantially larger than mined diamonds at any given price point. CCR 34 COMMERCIAL CONSTRUCTION & RENOVATION — MAY : JUNE 2017

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