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MAY-JUN 2017

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Advertorial Who Doesn't Like The Feeling of a Job Well Done? S pecifier, contractor, architect, installer, project estimator, material purchaser, product manufacturer, building owner. We all feel the satisfaction when a project comes together as planned ... and our reputations go up a notch. That's why AC•Tech puts so much emphasis on actually, physically "being there" when it counts. It's one thing to manufacture specialty coatings that have been engineered to perform. It's quite another to invest in the technical expertise and field experience necessary to make these coatings actually meet the FIELD performance SPECIFIED. It's one thing to provide a toll-free number to respond to problems and warranty claims after something goes wrong. It's quite another to work with a specifier to design an appropriate system, to counsel a project manager in the most cost-effective application protocol, and to train installers to overcome an unexpected concrete slab issue before it cascades into a catastrophic flooring failure. So, we may advertise that AC•Tech "specializes in preventing excessive moisture, alkalinity, and oil contamination from causing commercial flooring failures in renovation, remodeling, and tenant improvement projects." And we may try to hype our industry awards for product and process innovation in moving moisture mitigation to Division 3 in ground-up, fast-track construction projects. But, our measure lies in our attitude. We believe that helping everyone to do it right the first time is what builds success, reputa- tion, and that "atta boy" feeling when all is said and done. And who doesn't like that feeling? Johan Bohlmann and Alex Rogers AC•Tech Field Operations AC•Tech | Allied Construction Technologies Inc. • 800-607-5523 •

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